Paediatric Urology

Dr.Yerra Rajesh garu is one of the best doctors for Paediatric Urology in India. Being a children’s superspeciality hospital, we have a very successful number of surgeries or diagnosis in this category. At Yerra’s Superspeciality Hospitals, we conduct multi-specialty pediatric clinics and offer a full range of pediatric surgical competencies. With 10+ years of experience, Dr. Yerra Rajesh garu along with his team has pioneered and popularized a number of successful surgical techniques. Sensitive issues of pediatric genital repair and gender ambiguity are handled with the utmost discretion and today Yerra’s Superspeciality Hospitals has become a known place for curing all kinds of problems under pediatric urology in India. Call/ mail us immediately to book appointments with expert Pediatric surgeons based on your medical situation.